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Therapeutic ultrasound provides heat to deeper tissues and structures that your common heat pack is unable to reach. Ultrasound uses sound waves that speeds healing and decrease pain by decreasing inflammation processes. Ultrasonic deep heat provides an edge in the healing process for ligaments and tendons that are often injured as a result of traumatic accidents.   Ligaments provide stability for joints and tendons provide movement of muscles.  Due to their lack of blood supply, ligaments and tendons are very difficult structures to heal.  Ultrasound has been shown to be one of few treatments that speed the healing of ligaments and tendons. HiVolt is a form of muscle stimulation that helps tight muscles relax.  HiVolt creates small contraction of muscles, similar to working out.  As a result, your muscles become tired, causing your muscles to relax.

Combining Ultrasound and HiVolt provides an optimal combination of two very effective physical therapy modalities.  Ultrasound-HiVolt helps improve the healing of complex joints including shoulders and knees.