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Kinesiotape taping method is beneficial for a wide variety of auto injuries. Kinesiotape stretch-recoil technology, along with a variety of its other functional properties, sets it apart from your typical athletic tape. KinesioTape can be worn for several days at a time to provide constant functional assistance to promote healing and optimize function. The application of the tape is injury-specific and changes depending on the desired effect. It can be applied with a certain degree of stretch to promote slight lifting of the skin to promote circulation and drainage to decrease inflammation, swelling, and bruising. The direction of stretch applied changes its effect on muscles and joints. It can be used to promote activation of “lazy” muscles or relaxation of tight muscles. KinesioTape can also be used to provide support to unstable joints without limiting range of motion. Auto Injuries/conditions that can benefit from KinesioTape: – Whiplash injuries (neck sprain/strain) -pinched nerve – numbness or tingling of arms and legs – “heavy head”/neck weakness – Abnormal movement of body – bruising/swelling from the seatbelt or bodily impact with the vehicle -shoulder and knee injuries – back pain sprain/strain – Wrist and ankle sprain/strain (pain/weakness)