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Oregon Injury Clinic. 
Auto & Work Injury Treatments

Portland Chiropractic and Massage Treatments.

A fantastic group of people brought together their individual strengths, talents, and passion for patient care and advocacy in 2013, when they opened the first Oregon Injury Clinic, in Portland OR. Their motto; their charge; their commitment; their promise is to secure your family’s health.

Oregon Injury Clinic, a bilingual chiropractic clinic, utilizes a variety of specialists and therapists to provide a combination of evidence-based therapies to optimize your health and healing after an auto accident. We also know that your body’s ability to heal can be hindered by stress. Car accidents bring about a multitude of variables that can increase your stress level. Oregon Injury Clinic’s highly trained doctors and staff make it their aim to optimize your healing by helping you through the entire process—from opening an auto accident claim, to helping you fill out the appropriate paper work, to providing you with the appropriate resources and referrals in order to ensure your physical care and accident claim is managed fairly and appropriately. Transportation to and from our clinic is also available for patients, upon validation and approval of necessity and disability.

With our doctors' expertise in treating injuries, specializing in the treatment of people injured in auto-related accidents, coupled with expertise in case management, this skilled group makes a powerful team.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries Portland

While Ruth (our Office Manager) harbors a commitment to providing compassionate, quality care to all people, she is also burdened for the Hispanic community in Portland and the greater Portland area. Ruth grew up in a Hispanic community, so she is well-aware of and sensitive to the social and cultural characteristics of this important community. Her heritage, along with her bilingual communication skills, enables her to better assist members of the Hispanic community through the administrative procedures and paperwork associated with auto accident-related injuries (“red tape”) that can seem daunting and intimidating to anyone, including those who may be new to the medical, insurance, and legal structures in the United States.

In the aftermath of any injury, especially injures related to auto accidents, choosing and securing your medical care is of primary importance. You want not only experts in their chosen fields. You want people, real people, who are going to see you as more than a case number. You want people who are going to care not only about the quality of treatment they provide, but also people who care about the ones to whom they are providing the treatment.

When asked what sets Oregon Injury Clinic apart from other clinics, one of our doctors said:

I often say, ‘Outta pain, out my door.’ My goal is not to provide long-term care, although I am certainly here to serve people in that way. At Oregon Injury Clinic, we want our patients to get back to living their day-to-day lives, engaging in the activities that fill their lives with joy and a sense of purpose, as soon as possible. We’re passionate about meeting our patients’ healthcare needs, so our patients can focus on what’s truly important to them: their families, their careers, adventures and dreams not yet realized, and the pursuit of a healthy and productive life. This is why, at Oregon Injury Clinic, we live and serve in such a way as to fulfill our professional and humanitarian purpose: ‘secure your family’s health.

Need a Chiropractor?

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Are you not sure what to do next? Please make Oregon Injury Clinic your next call. We are here to serve you, to care for you, to assist you beyond your physical treatment. We are here to secure your family’s health. Call us today at 503.570.7770.